The orgamobile

As systemic consultants we often work with metaphors and other types of visualizations. Therefore it was quite natural for us to think about visual ways of communicating our understanding of organizations and our profession. At the Centre Pompidou art and culture complex in Paris, we came across Alexander Calder’s sturdy but still feather-light mobiles — and the image became clear right away: linkage and relationship, change and stability, balance and consistency, dynamism and repose, simplicity and complexity — so many of the things that are important to us in our work can be visualized using these artistic  constructions. Our “Orgamobile” visualizes our action fields and represents a central principle: no matter which element we touch and move – the other elements will start to move as well. Therefore, ensuring a coherent holistic development of the overall system is an important basis for our work.

Engagement in the DBVC

We are working on clear and binding quality standards for executive coaching in Germany.
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Our Engagement in the arts.
The active involvement with fine arts ...

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the next day to get to know about trainig group No 31 Start on 12/07/2017 will take place on 04/24/2017. The training is only in German.

Coaching further education

Only in German: 18-month continuing vocational training as a "systemic business coach"
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