Management directors

Martin Hagen and Eberhard Hauser

hauserconsulting is directed by Eberhard Hauser and Martin Hagen.

Eberhard Hauser is a nationally and internationally sought-after sparring partner for corporate decision-makers.As one of the first professional coaches in Germany he prepared essential fundamentals for the practice of coaching as early as the 1980s. His other main areas of expertise are innovative concepts for post-merger integration and executive management development programs. In his broad spectrum of work, Eberhard integrates sound organizational knowledge and extensive psychological expertise with a creative and pragmatic solution focus.


Martin Hagen is an experienced architect of change processes and has been a sought-after partner in the conceptualization and implementation of management development programs in Germany for years. He has a special affinity for accompanying individuals, teams and organizations with the development of their potential.His work style is characterized by quickness and creativity which he is able to apply with a pragmatic view of the essentials. Furthermore, Martin has a great deal of experience in the accompaniment and facilitation of executive teams.